About Us

The New Standard of Business Aviation Services
in Latin America

We are passionate aviators with 60 years of combined experience in international operations, communications, and services supply. We go the extra mile to deliver a bespoke service to every client. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the success of your operation.

Who We Are

We are a team of aviators, pilots, and dispatchers committed to delivering unsurpassed services and products for the success of your operation. Our support and care include ground handling services in Argentina and international flight coordination, assisted by cutting-edge technologies.
Our powerful global network allows us to surpass conventional providers as we pick and vet the most reliable solutions always following the highest safety standards and business ethics.

Our Team, Your Advocates

Perla Marina Fagundez Founder & CEO

With 17 years in aviation combined with 25 years of international sales, Perla is committed to making a difference in the industry and driving a change in the region.

She was instrumental in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America while developing ARINCDirect’s services, generating profitable results and long-lasting relationships.

Through all these years, Perla has built a trustworthy global network of aviation leaders and the companies they represent. And in 2019, she founded Aerowise and Aerosquad, with the purpose of developing a more collaborative and sustainable business aviation industry, providing the best value offer for aviators.

Perla embraces technology and fosters digital developments for a more efficient industry in Latin America. In that quest, she’s currently working on an innovative app for aviators called Bolt.Aero

What We Believe

Our Mission

We strive to leverage our global network. Our ultimate goal is to deliver personal customer support, expedite processes, and help our clients save time while providing the highest standard of services paired with in-depth expertise.

Our Vision

Promoting new ways of doing business to empower executive aviation in the region by enhancing purchasing processes for operators and suppliers.

Our Values


By giving open access to financial reports and how we control and procure services for your aircraft powered with the latest technology to ensure transparency.


We value our people and their expertise, fostering a diverse and more inclusive business aviation industry. 


We are responsible for our actions, words, and results.


We are committed to delivering the highest safety standards with a highly-qualified team that shares our vision and mission.


We promote and develop the use of technology to help us fly better, safer, and further.


With our customers at the core of our efforts and the decisions we make, we promote a more collaborative industry supporting each other and recognizing each other’s value.

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