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We are very pleased to announce the presence of the Aerowise team at the CATARINA Aviation Show 2024. To be held in São Paulo, Brazil, on June 13, 14 and 15. Located in Sao Paulo, the main hub for business aviation in Latin America. In this sense in Aerowise, we have different world-class services, we are dedicated to redefine your flight experience. Whether it’s aircraft management, handling services, charter flights or international flight support, we are committed to delivering excellence at every altitude!

The Catarina Aviation Show 2024 presents itself as the epicenter of innovation and excellence in the aviation industry in Latin America. This great event brings together the most prominent leaders, experts and companies in the sector to explore the latest trends, technologies and opportunities that drive the development of business and general aviation in the region.

The Catarina Aviation Show stands as a unique platform that promotes knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking among key players in the aviation industry. During three intensive days, participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures, masterclasses, panel discussions, product exhibits and live demonstrations. All designed to inspire and inform about the latest innovations and best practices in the field of aviation.

The Catarina Aviation Show 2024 program will address a wide range of topics relevant to the aviation industry, including:

Technology and Innovation: Exploration of the latest disruptive technologies, from electric aircraft to advanced air traffic management systems.

Environmental Sustainability: Discussion of strategies and solutions to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint and promote more sustainable practices.

Operational Safety: Analysis of best practices and safety measures to ensure the safe and efficient operation of airlines and airports.

Impact on the Region: 

The Catarina Aviation Show 2024 not only provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration on a global level, but also has a significant impact on the aviation economy and development in Latin America. By attracting leaders and professionals from around the world, the event encourages investment, business growth and the expansion of aviation infrastructure in the region.


In summary, the Catarina Aviation Show 2024 promises to be an unparalleled event that redefines the boundaries of aviation in Latin America. Through its focus on innovation, collaboration and sustainable development, the event is poised to drive growth and excellence in the aviation industry.

To schedule a meeting or learn more about how Aerowise can elevate your flying experience, contact us via WhatsApp at +54 9 223 619 2027. We look forward to meeting you at the CATARINA Aviation Show 2024 and showing you why Aerowise is your most trusted partner in South America!

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