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Aerowise was present at Corporate Jet Investor & Helicopter Investor Latin America 2024. On the 5th and 6th of March in the city of São Paulo. In this conference on investment in aircraft and helicopters and the business aviation market in the countries of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Our CEO, Perla Fagundez, spoke and said: “In a fast-paced world, business aviation is emerging as a driving force connecting people, companies and opportunities on an unprecedented scale. Latin America does not escape this reality, if I had to define the market in one word, I would say “Eclectic”.

“When we talk about investment in aircraft and helicopters, we are not just talking about transport vehicles, we are talking about the engine that drives progress, connectivity and efficiency in our economies. In this context, it is imperative to explore the dynamics of the business aviation market in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay”.

“Therefore, it is worth highlighting the regional business aviation landscape, in Chile, the market is supported by a strong economy and a strategic location. Chile has become a hub for business aviation in South America. Together with modern airport infrastructure and services, plus the accompanying economic stability and state policies, make it an attractive destination for local and foreign investors in the aviation sector”.

“The demand for business jets and helicopters in Chile continues to grow, supported by a dynamic business sector and a growing need for efficient connectivity. Especially in recent years with the strengthening of the mining industry and the air and logistics services it requires.”

CJI Latin America 2024

CJI Latin America 2024

“Argentina, for its part, has a long tradition in business aviation and a constantly evolving market. Despite economic challenges, the country has maintained a vibrant business aviation sector, driven by the diversity of its industries and the size of its territory. Investment in aircraft and helicopters in Argentina represents an opportunity for those looking to capitalise on the growing demand for business transportation in the region, as well as participate in a market that is rapidly adapting to new trends and technologies. Accompanied by new state policies and strong investments in infrastructure, the Argentinean aeronautical market has all the conditions to project exponential growth.”

“Moreover, we come to Uruguay, a country that has emerged as a key player in the Latin American business aviation market. With a favourable business environment and world-class airport infrastructure, Uruguay attracts investors and operators from all over the world. Investment in aircraft and helicopters in Uruguay represents not only a lucrative business opportunity, but also an investment in the connectivity and sustainable development of the region, adding to another key industry such as tourism. And in the future we will target the aeronautical industry,” said the CEO.

In short, investment in aircraft and helicopters in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay opens the door to a world of possibilities in business aviation. From facilitating the transport of executives and cargo to supporting search and rescue operations and emergency medical services, these investments are essential to boost economic growth and improve quality of life, strengthening countries’ economies through the generation of direct and indirect employment and the expansion of markets. Attracting new customers.

Finally, Aerowise is very pleased to have participated in such an important global event as Corporate Jet Investor & Helicopter Investor.

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