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Are you a frequent flyer? Loyalty miles through some. Many times frequent flyers reach a point where they don’t enjoy flying as much as they used to, even those Business or First Class services don’t meet their travel needs. Such as schedule, privacy, availability, among other factors. In this case you should consider the advantage of owning your own aircraft. For this you need to have a group of experts to manage it effectively and efficiently.

In such a way that this large investment is amortized in a short time. Depending on the size, range, model and characteristics, a private jet can cost between 2 and 100 million dollars. Of course, the acquisition of your aircraft will depend directly on the type of operation required, the autonomy, the characteristics of the aircraft, the model.

Another option to consider is the used airplanes and helicopters market, so the use of resources will be exponentially lower. Therefore, with either of the two alternatives, you must take into account the ancillary and mandatory costs such as crew salaries and expenses, maintenance, hangarage, insurance.

Secondly, if you do not have the income to acquire an aircraft 100%, you can make different choices, partner mode, acquiring a percentage of a company. Belonging to a club and/or membership of private jets. To do this, it is necessary to ask yourself a question about the number of hours you fly per year, if this number exceeds 200, it justifies the purchase of a private aircraft.

Now, to optimize the management of an aircraft, it should fly 240 hours per year, obtaining a balanced operating cost. These factors will also depend on your travel routine, whether you travel during the day, stay at the destination, are domestic or international flights. All of these items have a direct impact on your aircraft’s numbers.

When it comes to buying an aircraft, there are a number of purchasing consultants and aircraft management companies that can help you organize the purchase and maintain it. Used private jets can be a money-saving option. Used models can be purchased for as little as $200,000 and as much as $15 million. Finally, Aerowise offers aircraft management services, relieving aircraft owners of the complex task of aircraft management. With Aerowise, all you have to worry about is enjoying the flight.

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