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Overflight authorizations are essential permits, which allow aircraft to cross the airspace of different countries on their flight routes. To obtain an overflight authorization, detailed applications must be submitted to the civil aviation authorities or air traffic control agencies of the countries over which they plan to fly.

In addition to ensuring safety, overflight authorizations may be subject to fees and charges for the use of the airspace of the countries crossed. The Argentine aeronautical authority requires all foreign aircraft to obtain the corresponding overflight permit. At Aerowise, we specialize in obtaining overflight permits, without complications, ensuring your operational compliance.

By entrusting us with your permit requirements, you will gain peace of mind, total control, resulting in effective and efficient flight. Are you ready to ensure uninterrupted operations over Argentina? Contact us or visit our website for expert assistance. Permits can also be requested from our AEROWISE APP.


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