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In the aircraft dispatcher profession, especially in corporate aviation, ongoing training is critical to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), regular training allows professionals to keep up to date with technological advances and regulatory changes in the aviation industry.

Continuing education contributes to the professional development and specialization of the aircraft dispatcher. Advanced courses in risk management, international operations and aviation information technology are examples of areas where ongoing training can enhance the professional’s skills and competencies. In this case, Aerowise staff has been invited to participate in the Aviation Safety Day by Aviasur & Polaris Aero, to be held at the FBO of Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport SCEL, Santiago de Chile, on Wednesday, May 8th. Assisting our flight dispatcher and international travel support, Lucas Dominguez.

During this professional day, different exhibitions and panels will be held. Namely: Networking Spaces. DGAC: What does the State expect from the Operator?. Polaris Aero: Aircraft Dispatcher Practice. Aviasur: A successful case of SMS implementation. SMS (Safety Management System) Open Conversation.

In summary, continuous training is a fundamental pillar in the career of an aircraft dispatcher specialized in corporate aviation. From Aerowise we are pleased to participate in this kind of conferences. We are committed to the professional growth of our collaborators, in pursuit of regulatory compliance and operational safety, in addition to our commitment to professional development and excellence in our services.

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