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Fixed base operators (FBOs) represent a key link in the airport infrastructure serving business aviation. These companies offer a diverse range of inflight services. With amenities for passengers, such as VIP lounges, high-level gastronomy, conference rooms, in addition, they have pilot/dispatcher lounges. As for aircraft services, they have maintenance facilities (MRO), fuel, cleaning. In other words, the FBO functions as a sort of exclusive terminal for private aircraft. FBOs are not only boarding points, but also operations centers that facilitate a personalized and efficient flight experience for passengers.

Passengers, when boarding private flights, access these facilities where they encounter a streamlined check-in and security process, followed by access to waiting areas and a range of services. From lounges to restaurants and customer service, FBOs offer a luxurious, sumptuous and efficient environment that elevates the corporate flight experience.

Our passengers avoid the long lines and stressful atmosphere of the usual terminals and lounges. Instead, in FBOS designed for world-class customer services. Where aesthetics are prioritized, the atmosphere is calmer and friendlier, no crowds, no queues. The design is often more typical of a luxury resort than an airport lounge. Secondly, the hyper-personalized white-glove service, which caters to passengers and pilots alike. This service is a must when flying private aircraft.

The presence of FBOs at airports varies, depending on the infrastructure of the air terminals, while different FBOs can be found at higher volume airports. When FBOs are not available, private aviation operators coordinate with local handling services to manage the flights. This diversity in FBO availability offers corporate airlines a variety of logistics options for their multiple operations.

At Aerowise, we provide stress-free boarding, superior customer service, a variety of exceptional services and a distinguished and comprehensive flight experience. FBOs complement the quality and efficiency of corporate airlines, offering passengers a unique and personalized travel environment.

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