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If you are looking for a customized travel solution, a charter flight could be the perfect choice. A charter flight is a type of air service, which does not follow regular schedules or set routes. Instead, the flight is organized specifically for a group or an individual, aiming to take them to a specific destination. These flights have multiple advantages over regular commercial flights, namely greater flexibility, connectivity, privacy and comfort.

The differences between charter flights and commercial flights are key to making the right decision for your next trip. Charter flights generally serve specific purposes, such as business trips, vacations, premium tourism, winery tours, golf tournaments, or Formula One races. In contrast, commercial flights are open to the general public and operated by commercial airlines. In addition, charter flights allow full customization of schedules and airports, offer a variety of amenities and exclusive services. Due to the type of aircraft operated, they reach more airports than commercial airlines. They are the ideal option for those seeking an exclusive, sumptuous and world-class travel experience.

The types of charter flights available are varied and highly customizable. From business flights to transport groups to specific events to leisure flights for family vacations or special celebrations such as weddings, sports tournaments, exclusive tourism, charter flights are the perfect solution for a wide range of travel needs. In addition, specialized charters are available for sports teams, educational trips etc.

You can choose the aircraft that best suits your requirements. It can range from a light twin-engine that only carries a couple of passengers, to a large or ultra-long-range aircraft, which can fly long distances and has several cabin partitions. Or a helicopter. Unlike commercial flights, which are limited to set destinations, you can choose where to travel. If you are not sure which type of aircraft suits you best, consult Aerowise, our partners are ready to provide you with all the information you need. At Aerowise we cater for the best charter flights, looking after your safety, comfort and privacy, always prioritizing our select passengers, taking as a matrix the highest standards of customer service and operational safety.

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